Sunday, May 31, 2009


i love it;;


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Almost here..

So, last night, my lovely boyfriend was supposed to come over and hang out. But... some things came up.

& that didn't happen. 
From that, though, something magnificent in every single way happened. 
My friend Hamber spent the night :) we had a blast!
We grilled out with my family, had ice cream, hung out at the park, trying to hit a giant rock with pebbles (she rocked, i sucked.) 
And according to her.. i might've maybe, more than likely, kicked her in the face a couple times during the night. 
*I'm a violent sleeper.*

Today- should be fun, i mean, so far it has been... OH. After 2:45, on Monday. School is officially OUT. *finally!*  and Freshman year, here i come ;] look out.

anybody on summer break already?

Aliella ☺♥☻

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, how about that.
Me and a few of my crazy friends :)
@ our 8th grade lock-in...
we attempted the High School Musical pose-
needless to say..........
we failed miserably. 

Forever & Always,

Monday, May 18, 2009


So.. i'm pretty much stressed to the maxx.. 

Besides the fact that i have stupid Core 40 exams all this week, one of my close uncle's had a heart attack the other night and had to have surgery, and today my cousin/best friend was admitted to the ER and now is heading to the hospital where my uncle's at because she has 3 cysts on her ovaries. I'm, i don't know, frazzled. 

Not mentioning the fact that i've not been able to sleep well the last week. 

Prayers would be greatly appreciated for all of the above. 

always & forever <3


Monday, May 11, 2009

Poem, poem, poem...

My boyfriend wrote this; he says it's his first poem..ever. But i don't believe him. Not one bit.

More than you know.

I love how i feel when i hold you tight, 
How when my world gets dark, 
you are always my light.

I love how you kiss me, the fireworks i see.
How when you're around, 
it's no longer "i", but "we"

I love how every day, my love seems to grow.
I love these things more than you'll ever know.

I love how you talk, and the way that you walk.
I love when your eyes wander over to me, 
how when you're in the room, you're all that i see.

I love how our love is not just a show, 
I'd say that i love you, but you already know. 

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hola lovelies ;)

A short poem;

Let me tell you i love you,
all through the years,
let my show my affection,
kiss away all your tears

let me say that you're mine
always and forever
let me keep you as my own
part from me never

let me tell you my dreams
and tell me yours too
let me share my ambitions
all i aspire to do

let me keep you in mind
and you can keep me
let me never be selfish
there's no "i" but just "we"

let me always be your baby
and you can be my man
let me tell you that i'm crazy
cause for you, babe, i just am.