Friday, December 4, 2009

stress relief

SO. Lately i've been super stressed to the maxx and haven't been sleeping well at ALL. ughh; First, i've been trying to finish A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens- so far the most hardest book to comprehend that i've read yet!  2nd. I've been performing more with my flute. And this coming week i have a school Holiday Concert, Wednesday, and another performance Saturday. aka; Sweet Sounds of the Holidays. Where i will be performing in our show choir, accompanying our varsity choir with a piece that i play flute on. AND i'm playing in our concert band. All on Wednesday. YIKES> and the same thing happens Friday (minus the concert band part.)  Then. on Sunday, i perform singing and playing my flute to a Christmas song for the annual church Christmas program. i'm so nervous.. 

The book i have to finish?  yeah. book review due WEDNESDAY. i'm on page 50 out of 372.  MLS.    [my life sucks. cough cough]

oh well.  i breathe in, i breathe out, and i take things as it comes.

a couple weeks ago i was in a play, Flowers For Algernon :D 

here's a lovely photo from it...