Saturday, January 23, 2010


Posting lately hasn't exactly been the easiest thing to be able to do. 

Honestly, why can't you post on an iPod Touch?!?!!?! jeezy louisy

Well.. This month, along with the next few, are/are going to be, extremely hectic. 
Show choir competitions start popping up within the next 3 weeks, therefore, show choir practice is frequent. Also, ISSMA is the 30th. I was doing a solo & trio.. BUT, because i've been so busy and stressed, i can't handle both on top of everything. Which means, no solo. I'm just going to focus my attention on school, show choir, and trio part. yikes. 
Unfortunately, I can't quite say i've been very.. um, religious? lately. I've become a "bad christian." I pray. Quite frequently. I believe in the Lord. I'm a good person, i follow the commandments, but reading the bible just hasn't done much for me. Honestly-i blame my bible. I've grown out of it and need one that sparks my interest. So, I'm saving up for a new teen study bible. (I'm pretty stoked!) 
Also, remember Interlochen: Arts Academy? AKA the school I've been wanting to attend FOREVER?! Well, when i first attempted to apply, i didn't have any idea what major i wanted to go for. (They have things like, a theatre major, dance major, creative writing major, etc..) And knowing myself, i couldn't decide between a music major or creative writing. Both is pretty much a passion. This, as you can see, caused a bit of conflict to reflect on wether or not i sent the application in on time. I didn't. THEN, today, i got a letter in the mail from them stating that they had a new major. One that lets students that don't have the interest in excelling in only one major, choose a mixture of their classes. So while pursuing music, one could say.. pursue creative writing at the same time. And art...
Sign from God?   I'm not quite sure... :/

Sigh: so warning, i'm about to open up on my love life on the internet (as always). i don't blame you if you stop reading now. 
Okay, so, my boyfriend is amazing. We've been dating for almost 5 months and i mean, our pictures even going in our high school's yearbook.  Well.. this last week, things sucked between us. He wouldn't talk to me, he didn't even really act like i was alive! SO, i decided that if that's the way he was going to play it, i wasn't going to talk to or acknowledge him until he did so first. Immature? maybe a tad.. but what's a girl to do in said situations? exactly.  Plus, along with this, he's been making me quite furious. All the time he gets irritated with me because i won't share my thoughts, or opinions, or how i feel with him, but YET- he doesn't say a darn thing to me when i ask him about his. For example, the other day he was walking home with me from school, and was acting weird. "What's the matter?" "what's the matter?" "what's the matter??" (i kept asking and asking; he refused to fess up.) Later, what does he do? Messages my best friend on Fbook and pretty much spills everything to her! This is not the first or last time this has/will happen. guaranteed. When i say something to both of them, they both go into the extreme saying, "fine! i just won't talk or hang out with them again." which makes me even more irritated then i was in the first place! It's exhausting!! I just- i want my boyfriend to be able to talk to me. 
He wants a slightly more serious relationship, but if he can't even have somewhat deep conversations with me, how could we ever have that? O_O

       Dating for fun? or to find your future spouse?
Leave a comment and give your opinion! Please & thanks!

Good songs of the month
~ You make my Dreams- Hall & Oates
~When I Grow Up (Punk Goes Pop vol. 2)- Mayday Parade
~ Ma Belle Evangeline - Princess and the Frog
~Almost There- Princess and the Frog
~Love you I do- Dream Girls
~You and I - Ingrid Michaelson
~ C'est L'amour- Rosi Golan
~Imagine - Glee Cast vol. 2
~Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend- The Wilkinsons
~Mario Kart Loves Song- Sam Hart :D