Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bullying; DAY 2

Isn't it sad, when someone can't even tell a higher authority about the abuse he's been taking all year long?

Yesterday, i suggested that he pay a trip to the guidance office. Whether they'd actually do anything or not. It couldn't hurt. Today, at the start of 4th, immediately the ridicule starts again. This time based on "why would he tell?" The "innocent ones" asked away. The poor soul getting yelled at and yelled at. (The teacher's in the hallway at this time.) When they let up, i ask him. Did he go? That's when he comes closer, looks around cautiously, and dips his head.
"can you keep a secret?" He asks me. I nod my head, as he goes into how [our school's favorite saying] "snitches get stitches" scares him. He's afraid they'll get him if he tells.

>wow. So, now.. what would you do?


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What do you do, when you sit everyday in silence, witnessing a tragedy in the making. you watch one boy, getting laughed at, getting mocked, being egged on until he does things he never wanted to do in the first place.

who do you tell? teachers sit back and watch, some laugh along, some pretend they don't see, some pay no attention. they don't want to deal with it. out higher school powers play videos, give lectures, etc.. It doesn't work, and I'm pretty sure they know this. So why don't they try to do something more?
Why? Because the ones who bully, the ones who are the people to blame, are people like the captain of the softball team. Star football players, straight A, "example" students. Some people see this, and no justice is served, because when punishment is given, those star students can't play, they can't show what our school is made of. But why would they want to? 
Sometimes the places that are supposed to be our "safe" places. Our home away from home. The places filled with people that help us grow, learn, live, love, etc.. they really disgust me sometimes. From all this, things that happen when people let things go "unnoticed" are tragic. School shootings... suicides... and other violent acts come of this. AND the really amazing thing is how the people that let & cause these terrible things to happen are the ones who think hard, and just can't seem to realize why situations like this come about.

So, what would you do?

[ welcome to middle school ]



Sunday, April 26, 2009

Joshuah.. :) ♥

WELL. I've thought for awhile, about just what i was going to say, about a boy, who's on my mind, every minute of every day. 

And, goodness, i can't even begin to type a word that says what i feel. 

From the butterflies that never stop, to the kisses i wish would never end... he's perfect.

(For ME, at least.) Excuse my small moment of selfishness. My apologies.

He always makes me smile, and always makes me laugh. He.. well, he...shucks. 

If you couldn't tell at the beginning of this post, i hope you can tell now. I keep attempting the start of a poem. But, he just means so much to me, that i can't even write a single freaking poem to express it all! sigh.


Anyways, here he is :] 

i love him. 
OH. and here's something that says a little bit of what i wanted this post to say.

(i got this off of photobucket)

" & when i first met you
i never would have imagined
that i would have such strong
feelings for you, i never would 
have thought that i would have
dreams about you or miss being
by your side or get butterflies in
my stomach when someone
mentions your name, when i first
met you i never would have 
thought that i would love you... "

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Perished thoughts

OH man, so, today, my mom decided that we were going to pay a visit to my grandpa's grave, which wasn't exactly my ideal trip.. but still.

As i sat in the car with my little sister- both of us watching as our mother stood at his stone. Standing silently, and frozen- as her hair blew in the wind, i thought to myself. His death wasn't a separation. It wasn't the end of a mere life. It was just the beginning. It was a wake up call to reality. It caused a bonding beyond belief to form. 
My family, because of his passing, had been brought together, closer then before.. Once again, my aunt's and uncles have shed tears together, they've shared countless memories together, they've been there for each other, and so much more. Our family, has become a family, once again, and for that.. i'm grateful. 
Some people have never had what i have now... sad, but true.

E.D.S; a father, a grandfather, a teacher, a friend, and so much more... we love you. R.I.P

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I made it. 

I actually freakin' made it. 

Truth be told, i didn't think i would. and i DID. 

I'm so totally stoked right now, and i have to admit, i have screamed once or twice since i found out. ;)

i have family bonding time, so, i'll blog soon.

fo shizznik.



p.s. YAY!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I haven't blogged in ages! 

My deepest apologies. lol

The thing is, i've had sooo much to type about, but when i start to blog, nothing comes out. 


Things have been super busy, Show Choir try-outs have gone great. We need more guys, otherwise no girls  (like me) are going to get in. Sadly. BUT. I do have call backs tomorrow.
So, hopefully i blow them away and they make an exception.
Keep your fingers crossed.
I was going to put some pictures from spring break (and my madre's party) on here, but they're too dark.

I gotta blast.


Always  & forever,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Raindrops on roses...


First thing i love about the rain, is the feeling of it, when it just covers you in drops..

Second thing, the smell after. If i could ever somehow, capture the smell after the rain- it would be amazing!

Third thing, just the look of pouring rain. Completely, and utterly, breathtaking. 

>Is it strange, that I've always wanted to have this kind of power, to just.. slow time- when it rains? Or be able to walk between raindrops.. 
Or be able to just see a single raindrop. The way it sparkles, the way it shines, it's true form.

That would be absolutely positively phenomenal.