Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sundays ;]

Dear Readers,

Sundays are always my favorite days of the week (with Wednesdays as a close 2nd!)
They never fail to be peaceful, joyous, and just plain heavenly. 
*no pun intended* 
Today- mum did a favor of playing piano for a friend at a church here in town, so we went to a foreign (er, foreign for us) church and sat forever.
That is, until service actually started. But, it was just my luck, the one day i'm in unknown territories and i take drowsy medicine. It actually attempts to knock me out. 
& that's very, very, extremely rare.
So- it was terrible because i kept starting to fall asleep right when service actually started. I never actually sank into actual unconsciousness.. so it's all good. 
Church tonight!


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