Sunday, February 15, 2009


It's quite funny, i just literally signed out when i happened to receive a text that might've sparked an ongoing subject. & even though it probably would've been more appropriate for Poseur or Poseur Fan, i felt more obligated to unveil it to the dedicated followers. no matter how many there are (or aren't.)

I happened to ask them honestly, what do they want. What are their thoughts, and feelings. Just simply state them. 
They shot back: " I want us. The real us. Not fake versions. I want what we had when we first met. That great chemistry we had. When we could talk forever and not stop. " 
>>>>>>i read. and re-read. and read it over and over again <<<<<<<<<
And the whole time, something sparked in the back of my mind. 
i wanted that too. 
For the longest time i've pondered over the possible explanations of why we haven't been able to do that anymore. Is it because we've gotten older? Is it because we've changed? Have we talked so much, nothing seems new anymore? A hundred questions have raced through my mind, but nothing seemed to match up. 
P.. O.. S.. E.. U.. R.. S...
That's all we are. 
Maybe me more than anyone. 
But yet, aren't we like everybody else? Nobody's the real deal 24/7. We all have our secrets, we all have our little habits no one else realizes, we all have a side that we don't exactly show on contact. 
We're all prisoners, trapped- confined in our minds to be something we aren't. Whether we realize it or not. 
Think about it for a second.

Interesting, eh?
Thought so.

& for the person that clarified this. 
We need to get back to the real us. 
I want that chemistry just as bad as you do.. 
the only problem is..
once we're gone, 
i don't think we can get back to what we used to be...
one step at a time.
that's what we have to take....

((((to be cont'd))))



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