Saturday, May 30, 2009

Almost here..

So, last night, my lovely boyfriend was supposed to come over and hang out. But... some things came up.

& that didn't happen. 
From that, though, something magnificent in every single way happened. 
My friend Hamber spent the night :) we had a blast!
We grilled out with my family, had ice cream, hung out at the park, trying to hit a giant rock with pebbles (she rocked, i sucked.) 
And according to her.. i might've maybe, more than likely, kicked her in the face a couple times during the night. 
*I'm a violent sleeper.*

Today- should be fun, i mean, so far it has been... OH. After 2:45, on Monday. School is officially OUT. *finally!*  and Freshman year, here i come ;] look out.

anybody on summer break already?

Aliella ☺♥☻


SimplyShy01 said...

I'm not on summer break yet, I have 4 more days to go until I am.

I love the new layout! Awesome!

It sounds like you guys had fun. I can be a violent sleeper sometimes.

Are you and your boyfriend going to hang out sometime to make up for not being able to hang out when you scheduled? I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense.

Have a nice day :)!


Tandice said...

I'm on vacation already! But that's only because I had that dumb surgery friday, and by which I'm still in pain and it's far more than annoying, since I can't do anything. But have fun on the last day!

Miranda said...

Sounds like you had fun.

I love your new layout.

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