Thursday, July 2, 2009


Lately i've been thinking about what i want to be when i, well, grow up. I have so many things that i'd say i'm fairly okay at, but that i enjoy doing. Which in my opinion, a job is only a job the day you stop having fun with it. 
A person can only do so many things as a career, and soon, i'm going to have to decide what exactly i want to become, where exactly i want to go to college, what exactly i want to study, where i'm going to live, etc.. It's kind of exhausting trying to figure out all the details. But then again, i forget i always have to figure in what i want vs. what reality will actually throw at me.. So. I've been tossing around different ideal careers, trying to imagine me as one, contemplating on if i'm willing to dedicate my time during the day, doing exactly that career daily... Some i dwell on are:
- something in the medical field, more a doctor than nurse
- fashion designer
- writer
- make up artist
- something in music

etc... i don't know. I have diverse interests, and i don't know where the chips have fallen yet. 
Golly Moses.



SimplyShy01 said...

I wander about what I will do when I grow up, too! My parents say that I'd make a great author or that I'd be great at something that has to do with computers, but I'm not sure.

But it'll be okay, we have a couple more years to think of what we want to do!

Take care and have a nice day :)!


Miranda said...

I always wonder what I'll end up doing in my future. I want to do great things, and I picture myself in so many different jobs, but I have a feeling I'm gonna be a nurse. (not by choice)

I hate thinking about the future.

-Miranda xoxo

Hailey said...

i have been non stop wondering and trying to plan the future myself. recently i thought about how bennificial it would be join military. . . national guard, or coast guard. or be a nurse for military personel. because i would be doing something different every day and i dont want to just settle for a doctor. i want to be something so much more than that. also i thought about social worker... work that would make me feel good about helping other people.. im not sure. the future is exciting and scary all at the same time..

.:aliella♥:. said...

agreed! and i could so see you doing something in the military!

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