Monday, March 23, 2009


Well, today i went on the long awaited road trip to Illinois. It was.. interesting. 

I have to admit- i was kind of, pretty much, grouchy. 

It wasn't fun. So.. i slept the majority of the way, and texted the rest. 
=] joyous.

When we finally arrived at the hotel, my mom opened her car door, and it practically blew out and hit the car next to us (notice i say "practically" because it didn't really, but almost.) Then we got out, grabbed our bags, and headed towards the entrance & see, i'm basically a klutz. 
And we pretty much got food before we got there, so i was holding food in a bag, and suitcases in another- and the wind was seriously blowing so uber hard, it was intense.
*going back to the klutz part* I dropped the bag (holding food) in the middle of the lobby-ish area, and napkins blew everywhere, and my mom practically fell on the ground laughing so hysterically. it was- interesting.

Other than that, i didn't do much. 
BUT i am exhausted, so. BEDTIME. 
i send my love.


p.s: sorry joshy baby!


SimplyShy01 said...

You're right, it is interesting.

Have a great day :)!

Hailey said...

texting the whole way. . .

.:aliella♥:. said...

not the whole way.

not very much really.

Hailey said...

um wow. thats got to be a first for u, bet josh was dying inside cause of your lack of text messages. =]

.:aliella♥:. said...

lol he understood my sleepiness in the car.

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