Thursday, March 19, 2009


Wow. Today has been pretty stellar. I got some coloring crayons & books, talked to my boyfriend off and on (and found out that i'm going to get to see him twice before i go out of town!) and got some delicioso Ben & Jerry's ;) yumm.

Also, i really cracked down on finding a song for show choir try-outs that are coming up the week of April 6th. *wish me luck!* And, just in case you're curious, I'm going to be singing "Shenandoah." I'm uber nervous..

All together, it's been fabulous!




SimplyShy01 said...

Your day sounds great! Better than mine.

Good luck at the show choir audition!

Have a great day :)!

Anonymous said...

boyfriend???? is this a new development?

Enep said...

good luck for your choir!


Ps. I'm following you with bloglovin'

.:aliella♥:. said...

thanks! i have my fingers crossed that i'll do good..

Hailey said...

i like the song, its different, but whatever happened to oh danny boy?!

.:aliella♥:. said...

my mom thought the other song would be better

madhooliganxo said...

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