Thursday, April 2, 2009

Raindrops on roses...


First thing i love about the rain, is the feeling of it, when it just covers you in drops..

Second thing, the smell after. If i could ever somehow, capture the smell after the rain- it would be amazing!

Third thing, just the look of pouring rain. Completely, and utterly, breathtaking. 

>Is it strange, that I've always wanted to have this kind of power, to just.. slow time- when it rains? Or be able to walk between raindrops.. 
Or be able to just see a single raindrop. The way it sparkles, the way it shines, it's true form.

That would be absolutely positively phenomenal.



SimplyShy01 said...

I so agree! Rain is beautiful and just so much fun to watch!

Have a nice day :)!


Miranda said...

I love the rain. I like the way it feels, when I step out and walk around in it (I just hate what it does to my hair).
I know what you mean about the smell, and I think it looks pretty, especially when I'm in school.
Ever since, like, Kindegarten, I've loved when it rained in school, I loved the way it looked when I was in the classroom.

.:aliella♥:. said...


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