Saturday, April 25, 2009

Perished thoughts

OH man, so, today, my mom decided that we were going to pay a visit to my grandpa's grave, which wasn't exactly my ideal trip.. but still.

As i sat in the car with my little sister- both of us watching as our mother stood at his stone. Standing silently, and frozen- as her hair blew in the wind, i thought to myself. His death wasn't a separation. It wasn't the end of a mere life. It was just the beginning. It was a wake up call to reality. It caused a bonding beyond belief to form. 
My family, because of his passing, had been brought together, closer then before.. Once again, my aunt's and uncles have shed tears together, they've shared countless memories together, they've been there for each other, and so much more. Our family, has become a family, once again, and for that.. i'm grateful. 
Some people have never had what i have now... sad, but true.

E.D.S; a father, a grandfather, a teacher, a friend, and so much more... we love you. R.I.P


SimplyShy01 said...

That's touching and true, sad in ways, but true.

Have a nice day :).


Miranda said...

That's true. It was deep and that is really something to think about.

lots of love.
have a nice day
-Miranda xox

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