Sunday, April 26, 2009

Joshuah.. :) ♥

WELL. I've thought for awhile, about just what i was going to say, about a boy, who's on my mind, every minute of every day. 

And, goodness, i can't even begin to type a word that says what i feel. 

From the butterflies that never stop, to the kisses i wish would never end... he's perfect.

(For ME, at least.) Excuse my small moment of selfishness. My apologies.

He always makes me smile, and always makes me laugh. He.. well, he...shucks. 

If you couldn't tell at the beginning of this post, i hope you can tell now. I keep attempting the start of a poem. But, he just means so much to me, that i can't even write a single freaking poem to express it all! sigh.


Anyways, here he is :] 

i love him. 
OH. and here's something that says a little bit of what i wanted this post to say.

(i got this off of photobucket)

" & when i first met you
i never would have imagined
that i would have such strong
feelings for you, i never would 
have thought that i would have
dreams about you or miss being
by your side or get butterflies in
my stomach when someone
mentions your name, when i first
met you i never would have 
thought that i would love you... "


Jillian Cecelia M. said...

That is so amazingly sweet...i hope i will have love like that someday! Is that both of u in the picture? The Best Of luck!

Luvs Me...Jillian Cecelia!!!

.:aliella♥:. said...

thanks! & yes'm it is ;]

Jillian Cecelia M. said...

Aww.....I love it! Have u seen my blogs?...u follow my friend Cassies...

Luvs Me!

.:aliella♥:. said...

well thanks ;)
i'll definitely check 'em out!

Jillian Cecelia M. said...

Lol...hope ur love lasts foreva!

Anonymous said...

Isn't puppy love wonderful??!!

SimplyShy01 said...

That is so sweet! You two look a fun, happy and cool couple! I'm so happy for you both.

Have a nice day :)!


Miranda said...

omg, that's so sweet.

Tandice said...

I am in love with it picture! He never stops talking about you...he always finds a way to bring you into the conversation. :)

.:aliella♥:. said...

thanks so much! ;]

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

The thing from Photobucket seems to always be the truth.
Glad you found someone you care about this much.

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